Cauldron Bubble - Rules


To be the first Witch to create the 4 different Advanced potions: Beauty, Healing, Strength and Flying.


Determine the first player.
Cauldrons are allocated from hottest to coldest, clockwise from the first player.

All Potion cards are laid out face-up in the middle of the play area to create a central pool.
The Ingredient cards are shuffled and placed in a draw pile.

Turn Phases

1) Forage

There are a number of forage locations equal to the player count + 1.
Deal 1 Ingredient card to each location. (Deal 1 extra card to each for the first forage of the game.)
In order from coldest to hottest cauldron, each witch can either:
a) Select all Ingredients from 1 location OR
b) Select 2 Ingredients from the draw pile.
If the draw pile runs out, shuffle the discarded Ingredients to create a new draw pile.

2) Brew and Use

Starting from the hottest cauldron, each witch may perform these actions:
  • Brew a Potion from the central pool, with matching Ingredient cards in their hand, by placing the Potion under your Cauldron, and discarding the Ingredients.
  • Each witch may brew multiple Potions each turn, but only ever 1 Advanced Potion at a time.
  • Use their available potions. See 'Using a Potion' below.
Play goes clockwise until all witches have had a chance to brew and use potions.

3) Pass Cauldrons

All Cauldrons are passed in a clockwise direction to the next player.
Potions that were brewing under Cauldrons become available to use.
Begin the next turn with your new Cauldron card.

Using a Potion

On their turn, a witch may use any number of their available potions.
To use a potion, perform the action as stated on the card.
Once used, discard the potion card.


The first Witch to create the 4 different Advanced potions wins the game.
If more than 1 witch does this in the same round, the tie breaker goes to the witch with more unused potions, then the witch with more unused ingredients.


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