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Hatching Dragons - Mint Tin Challenge

I have been looking into game design competitions lately. I see it as a good way to focus my creativity. Sometimes have specific restraints on a design can help you come up with new ways to make a game work. My first ever entry into a competition was one held by  Button Shy Games . The challenge was to come up with a game that contained 18 identical cards. Whilst this is quite a severe restriction, I was rather pleased that I managed to come up with a fun game idea. I playtested with a couple of different groups, and it was quite well received. I made a rather amateur looking video and sent it in. I had no expectations for success, and after seeing some of the other entries that made it into the top 20, my expectations were proven accurate. However it was a great experience and really helped look at my own designs with a more critical eye. I then came across the Mint Tin Challenge on  The Game Crafter . This is a great site where you can upload your game designs in component form,