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The aim of Gleeson Games is to create approachable and fun tabletop games. If you pick up a game from Gleeson Games you can expect it to be easy to learn, and provide enough depth and variation to keep you coming back for more.

I have many games in various stages of development, but there are several that currently available for you in either a physical form, a print and play, or in digital format.

Hatching Dragons is a fun worker placement and card drafting game, in a mint tin.With the popularity of Dungeon crawlers at an all time high, Dungeon Masters are constantly in need of more dragons. This is where you come in. 2 players compete to hatch a collection of coloured dragons that you sell to Dungeon Masters to earn bags of gold.

Treasure Flip is a 'flip&write' game of treasure hunting. Any number of players can take part in piecing together fragments of a treasure map to find the treasures before the pirates close in.

Play online by using this digital version of the cards. You just need to print the map (or draw one) and find a pencil.

Pack Of Thieves brings together a diverse group out to steal a collection of gems, while evading the undercover cop, and escape in the getaway car. Hidden identities provide varied paths to victory.

This game is currently entered in the Board Game Geek 54-card game design contest.
You can access up-to-date information, as well as rules and print & play documents from the Pack Of Thieves WIP thread.

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