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Got Time?

 2-4 players, 30 minutes play time.  Got Time? is a game of selecting polyomino tiles and placing them on your personal board. The tiles may contain 1 of 5 different clocks. Score points by grouping sets of unique clocks together. Player movement on the sundial track is performed by moving grains of sand through their hourglass timer. Each grain that falls allow the player to move along the track in the direction indicated on the hourglass. Just flip the hourglass to move back in the other direction! The player takes the tile from the position they land and adds it to their personal board. If the tile contains a pile of sand, they can add a grain of sand to their hourglass, allowing for greater range of movement in future turns. Score points by grouping sets of unique clocks next to each other on the board. To score a group, the player must also take a grain of sand from their hourglass, and place it in on one of the clocks in the group. However, they may only place sand on the last ti

Halloween Roll and Fright

 Happy Halloween! I know it's not the best time to be going door-to-door, but however you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, I have something for you. I created a simple roll & write game that I call:  Halloween Roll & Fright . It is family friendly, and can by played solo or with a (social distancing) group. Download and print it out here:  Halloween Roll and Fright - Print and Play . Enjoy!