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The Books of Anuta

This is my entry into the  Weird Giraffe Games 18 card game contest . It is based on the lore of Fire in the Library. 2 or 3 players, 5 minutes, 18 cards. As gifted scholars, you are working with Anuta the First, to gather books for the new Library. Your search will span the 4 sections of knowledge: Fables, Geography, History and War. Each section has 4 or 5 levels of knowledge. Even though you are competing to gather the most knowledge, you must also respect the teachings of Anuta, and share the knowledge you have gathered. The game is a mix of card drafting and set collecting. The rules are simple, with just 2 possible actions on each turn, but they open up a number of choices for strategic players. This game is available to play on Tabletop Simulator . Check out the full rules here:  Rule Book