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Cauldron Bubble - Rules

Objective To be the first Witch to create the 4  different  Advanced potions:  Beauty, Healing, Strength and Flying . Setup Determine the first player. Cauldrons are allocated from hottest to coldest, clockwise from the first player. All Potion cards are laid out face-up in the middle of the play area to create a central pool. The Ingredient cards are shuffled and placed in a draw pile. Turn Phases 1) Forage There are a number of forage locations equal to the player count + 1. Deal 1 Ingredient card to each location. (Deal 1 extra card to each for the first forage of the game.) In order from coldest to hottest cauldron, each witch can either: a) Select all Ingredients from 1 location OR b) Select 2 Ingredients from the draw pile. If the draw pile runs out, shuffle the discarded Ingredients to create a new draw pile. 2) Brew and Use Starting from the hottest cauldron, each witch may perform these actions: Brew a Potion from the central pool, with matching Ingredient ca

Cauldron Bubble

2-4 Players, 30 minutes play time. Cauldron Bubble is a card drafting and set collecting game. You play as a coven of witches who try to brew a set of potions to become the High Priestess. Brew your potions by collecting ingredients and potion recipes. Potions can be used against other witches to give you an advantage. Create the 4 different advanced potions to win. Cauldron Bubble - Rules

Pack of Thieves - New Artwork

Here is a preview of some of the new artwork I'm creating for Pack of Thieves. These are images that will appear on individual cards.

Pack Of Thieves

4 Players, 10-20 minutes, 54 Cards. "The is NO honour among thieves!" Pack Of Thieves is a 4 player card game that puts thieves in a battle of skill and cunning to steal a set of precious gems and escape in a getaway car. Use your skills to unlock safes, spy on other players, pickpocket, and escape. Secret identities can provide an alternate path to victory. This game is currently entered in the Board Game Geek 54-card game design contest. For more information, including access to the latest rules and print-n-play documents, please visit the link below. Feedback is always welcome. Pack of Thieves - BGG WIP thread