Treasure Flip

In a first for me, I'm trying my hand at developing a Roll & Write game... or Flip & Write as it is in this case. This is my entry into The Game Crafter: Staff Roll and Write Challenge.

The game is based on piecing together a treasure map from fragments that are flipped over from the deck. So, the name of the game is "Treasure Flip".

The fragments contain a section of path and 1 landmark. The landmarks are trees, water and rocks. There are 2 other types of card that may appear. The 'X' marks the treasure at the end of your path, and the Pirate Ship results in shrinking the available island map spaces to avoid pirates coming to shore.

Score points from completed paths, groups of landmarks, and some special treasure locations. It is essentially a solo game, but can be played competitively by comparing final scores.

As a bonus to you, the components are available online so that you can play for free using your browser, a sheet of paper, and a pen. Check out the links below.

Game Rules

Island Map Sheet

Treasure Flip Online - this page will reveal 3 fragment cards at a time, for you to fill out your map.



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